Maintenance Projects, Small Projects and R.O.W. Maintenance

Accueil Services Maintenance
  • Vegetation management

    EVOS Pipeline Services Inc. provides clearing and brushing services, either by hand or with heavy equipment.

    Our services include:

    • Vegetation management programs
    • Right-of-way clearing
    • Lines, poles and substations free of overhead and ground hazards
    • Increased safety and improved appearance
    • Reduced fire hazard
    • Skilled workers with safety training in forest management


  • Facility and Industrial Maintenance Projects & Small Projects

    EVOS Pipeline Services Inc. provides various construction services for in stations and industrial sites projects, from minor maintenance to new facility constructions, all of which meet the highest quality and safety standards in the industry.

    Types of projects:

    • Station upgrade
    • Risers sand blasting and recoating
    • Structures modification
      • EVOS’S registered CSA W47.1 structure welding procedures available
    • Construction of new buildings and enclosures
    • Excavation and hydro-excavation
    • Slabs, foundations & piles
    • Tanks and separators installation
    • Maintenance projects and repairs
    • Fence work
    • Snow removal